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Massage & healing Deventer

Hi! I'm Stefan. Massage has for ages been my passion. In 2008 I started my own massage practice: Massagepraktijk Deventer. I'm now working full-time as masseur. I've been able to turn my hobby into my profession. In the meantime I've become a qualified Paramedical Naturopathic Therapist, meaning that I can serve you even better. The name of the practice has therefore been adapted to Massagepraktijk & Healing Deventer.

Deventer is a small but ancient town in the east of the Netherlands. It's handily situated and easily reachable by car and by public transport. It lies exactly 100 km (62 miles) from Amsterdam. Because of this I receive clients from all over the country, and also from abroad. Deventer offers a good selection of hotels in all price classes.

As a qualified sports masseur I treat sportspersons (also in the 'top sport') and everyone else who knows how to appreciate a good massage. People in business also need to relax and have some time for themselves, and I can certainly be of assistance in this.

In the massage studio you'll find that everything possible has been done with that one aim: relaxation. The right atmosphere, the right temperature. Total privacy. It's also possible to relax and warm up in the private sauna before receiving a general massage. You receive all the attention you deserve and receive a massage that is totally in tune with your own needs and wishes.

You can even learn massage here at the practice. As a teacher for the massage practice Touch Amsterdam I've been teaching massage to numerous people. Here in the studio I offer made-to-measure private courses. Just like the massage itself, these are adapted to your needs. They follow the Touch Amsterdam methodology. Whether it's a short workshop you want or a full basic training lasting several days, with me you're at the right address!

In short, if you realize that you need a session of pure relaxation, or you have a problem with which I can help you, just contact me. Also, of course, if you're interested in a custom-made workshop or course. With a little discussion a lot is possible.

E-mail me to make an appointment or to ask for further information.


Gerald Mettam. Founder/owner, Massage Practice Touch Amsterdam said:

"It gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when a student who began his career with us achieves so much. And Stefan's massage practice is a real success story. He has combined natural talent with hard work and a refined feeling for what his clients need and wish for. Absolutely recommended: you're in such good hands!"

Ross Martinson, Dancer said:

"Being a professional dancer can be a tremendous strain on the body. Muscle aches and pains are part of the profession. Stefan is a fantastic masseur and understands the dancers body perfectly. I have always trusted him fully to help ease away muscle pain and relax my body. After a session with Stefan I leave feeling rejuvenated and and most of all happy. I highly recomend Stefan to all dancers, I guarentee you will be satisfied."

Ryan Thomas. professional soccerplayer said:

"I've learned since being a professional soccer player how important it is to look after your body. With all the traveling, training and matches the strain on the body is massive. Going to Stefan has allowed me to play free and feel great before and after matches and traveling."

Thanasis Karagounis, professional soccerplayer said:

"Stefan and his massagepraktijk in Deventer is the perfect place to enjoy, unwind and rejuvenate body, mind and soul..."

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